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Toxic torts can arise in several contexts as people are typically exposed to toxic chemicals from varied ways; pharmaceuticals, consumer products like pesticides, in the environment at home or at work. Most toxic tort cases have arisen either from exposure to pharmaceutical drugs or occupational exposures due to chemical spills or leaks.

Toxic tort litigation has increased in recent years as we gain a better understanding of our environment and its effects on our health. Unfortunately, many toxic tort claims are not considered until the victims have been exposed to the harmful chemicals for many years and their health is suffering irreversible consequences as a result of known or unknown exposure.

Some common problems occuring from exposures and defended in toxic tort cases:

Most pharmaceutical toxic injury cases are "mass" tort cases because drugs are consumed by thousands of people who could have become ill after taking a toxic drug. And occupational toxic tort cases become class action suits because numerous industrial workers are chronically exposed to toxic chemicals.

Previous cases in toxic law have arisen from asbestos exposure when thousands of toxic chemicals were used in industry and workers experienced a variety of toxin related injuries years later. However, as a result of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, coastal area homes have recently become the subject of toxic tort litigation, mostly due to mold contamination, but also due to construction materials (Chinese drywall) and/ or formaldehyde-treated wood and carpet.

Toxic tort cases could also arise when people are exposed to consumer products such as pesticides and suffer chronic health issues and injury.

Toxic tort lawsuits may involve an individual or entire community's exposure to harmful chemicals. Individual or class action lawsuits could be filed under these circumstances.

Toxic tort litigation can be very complex, so an experienced attorney in this field of law is crucial. Dan Robin, Jr. offer free consultation to any person or family member who feels toxins may have caused death or compromised health in their lives.

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